Attic access hatches must now be weatherstripped, not sealed

- g. 2. The part of the new energy code that requires weatherstripping at the attic access hatch is section R402. . , attics and crawl spaces) shall be weatherstripped and insulated to a level equivalent to the insulation on the surrounding surfaces. ”. 4, which says “Access doors from conditioned spaces to unconditioned spaces (e ..More

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How to correct improper joist hanger nails

- This document also lists the newly calculated load capacities, which I can’t imagine myself ever using as a home inspector. Click the following link to see the full document: Repair of LUS Joist Hangers Installed with 10dx1-½” Nails. . I leave that stuff up to the engineers ..More

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Testing for radon? Close ALL of the windows, not just the basement windows

- With more air leaving, there is a greater stack effect and a home may actually pull more radon gases into the home. The air leaking into and out of buildings is typically the result of small cracks and holes… but what happens when you open a window at the upper level? You have a huge hole. . Opening windows at the upper levels actually has the potential to increase radon levels during a short-term test ..More

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New Home Inspection Contingency form takes effect August 1st in Minnesota

- This new language is clearly a step in the right direction. Of course, now there will be several more questions that will come up, such as what to do about attic spaces that don’t even have access panels… but I’m not complaining. . For more information about the new form, as well as some other changes that aren’t home inspection specific, check out the following document: 2016-forms-changes-coming-soon ..More

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Q&A: When do smoke alarms need to be hardwired?

- Ohio recently became the fifth state to require photoelectric smoke alarms; see the news story here. . While photoelectric smoke alarms aren’t required in Minnesota (yet…), I urge everyone to put them in their home. It’s not a big investment, they’re easy to install, and they could save your life. If you’re not sure what type you have in your own home, you probably don’t have photoelectric. Even if you rent, go buy some battery operated photoelectric smoke alarms and install them. Oh, and one more thing ..More

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