Q&A: Can electrical boxes be buried in insulation?

- Not only does this book have a lot of commentary and history of the electrical codes, but it’s written for home inspectors. So that begs the question: is insulation part of the building or structure? Common sense says that insulation is part of the building, so it seems that maybe boxes shouldn’t be buried there. It’s a book that every home inspector should have in their library. Electrical boxes being buried in insulation aren’t specifically discussed in the NEC, so I turned to my second book, Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings, courtesy of the same folks at Code Check. ..More

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Did your house leak during the storm yesterday?

- On the other hand, if you experienced water leaking into your home around doors or windows that you know were closed, it’s probably not anything to worry about. .  Buildings do sometimes leak under extreme weather conditions. As long as the building can dry out, a one-time leak event probably isn’t going to cause any long-term damage. I know that may sound too nonchalant, but it’s the truth ..More

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Arrow-Breaker™ faucets are great, but there are two important things to know about them

- In addition to the orange tag, it has the words “Anti-Siphon” cast into the product. . The photo below shows a cut-away image of the integral vacuum breaker. Their unique feature is a built-in vacuum breaker, both on the frost-free and non-frost free versions of the product ..More

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New information about asbestos and vermiculite attic insulation

- Side note: the Zonolite Attic Trust believes that the presence of vermiculite is tantamount to the presence of asbestos (since the EPA recommends assuming that it contains asbestos) and should be disclosed in real estate transactions in the same manner as other ACM would be disclosed under the state’s real estate regulations. . According to the Trust, most state weatherization programs, likely including Minnesota’s, will defer a homeowner from eligibility for generous weatherization/attic insulation subsides until the vermiculite is removed. Further, the Trust believes that the presence of vermiculite is a “material fact” in a real estate transaction and should be treated in the same manner as other material facts ..More

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How to correct improper joist hanger nails

- In most cases, there will be a few joists that aren’t butted up tight to the ledgerboard, and the tips of the nails will be visible if the short nails were used:. The easiest way to determine if short nails were used at this location is to look underneath the joists. ..More

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