New information about asbestos and vermiculite attic insulation

- Somewhere between 75% – 85% of all vermiculite insulation sold in the U. One of these studies determined that exposure to vermiculite attic insulation with less than 1% asbestos is still a potential health hazard when performing typical homeowner activities such as cleaning, maintenance, and remodeling activities. came from a mine in Libby, Montana, and was sold under the name Zonolite. The conclusion of this study was that vermiculite insulation containing less than 1% asbestos should not be considered non-asbestos containing. S. As part of a major class-action lawsuit against WR Grace, numerous studies were conducted. Nearly all of this insulation contained asbestos which could be easily released into the air. . It’s still really bad stuff. Reinforcing this conclusion is the fact that the type of asbestos found in Libby vermiculite is “amphibole” asbestos, which is even more hazardous than the chrysotile asbestos that was most widely used in the US ..More

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Camera buying advice for home inspectors

- Even if you’re not a home inspector, some of this advice might be helpful. . Once I was done with that email, I realized it would make for a good blog topic as well. I’ve gone through numerous digital cameras and I’ve become quite opinionated about what features a home inspector should look for in a camera. I recently sent an email to one of the newest inspectors on my team, giving some camera buying advice ..More

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New backflow preventer testing requirements for Minnesota

- Another reason to use an RPZ is that they no longer need to be re-built every four years, which the old code had required. . This never happens on residential installations, however, because RPZs need to be tested annually… but now that new PVB installations need to be tested annually too, it seems that an RPZ might be a more atractive option. Side note: while pressure vacuum breakers are the most common devices used for sprinkler systems, they’re not the only devices allowed. A reduced pressure zone (RPZ) backflow prevention assembly is also allowed, and can actually be installed in the basement instead of at the outside of the house 12″ above the higher sprinkler head ..More

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Attention home inspectors: there has never been a better time to join ASHI

-  Our next one is coming up on Tuesday, August 23rd. . We have a schedule of upcoming meetings here. If you’re already sold, you can join the ASHI Heartland Chapter here.  If you’re still not sure if this $100 investment for a $549 value is worthwhile, come visit one of our chapter meetings to see if it’s a good fit ..More

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Sewer scans and chimney scans: both valuable inspection services

- This type of inspection is recommended by NFPA 211 any time there is a sale or transfer of a property. A Level 2 chimney inspection is basically the same thing as a sewer scan, but for the chimney. . Unlike sewer inspections, a fair number of chimney inspections end up revealing potentially costly defects ..More

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