Top 20 Home Inspection Photos from 2015

-  Also, be sure to check out our top photos from previous years:. Ok, that makes twenty three.  Close enough.  If you enjoy these types of photos, please visit our Facebook page, where we keep ’em coming. ..More

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Q&A: When do smoke alarms need to be hardwired?

- Even if you rent, go buy some battery operated photoelectric smoke alarms and install them. If you’re not sure what type you have in your own home, you probably don’t have photoelectric. Oh, and one more thing. While photoelectric smoke alarms aren’t required in Minnesota (yet…), I urge everyone to put them in their home. Ohio recently became the fifth state to require photoelectric smoke alarms; see the news story here. . It’s not a big investment, they’re easy to install, and they could save your life ..More

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The term “grandfathered” should never come up during a home inspection

- If a child tried to slip through an opening body-first but their head didn’t make it, they could be strangulated. 3. 1. Side note: the spacing requirement isn’t exactly 4″. The code language says Required guards shall not have openings from the walking surface to the required guard height which allow passage of a sphere 4 inches (102 mm) in diameter. There are two exceptions to this, listed under R312. The unintended consequence of this change was that children’s bodies could squeeze through a 5-1/2″ opening, but their heads couldn’t. . The whole goal of reducing the opening from 9″ to 6″ was to prevent children from squeezing through openings and falling ..More

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Sewer scans and chimney scans: both valuable inspection services

- If there are problems with the sewer line that routine sewer cleaning won’t solve, the repairs will be expensive. This sewer line belongs to the property owner, and any problems with this sewer line are the financial responsibility of the owner. A technician accesses the main sewer cleanout hole in the basement and feeds a fiber-optic camera through the sewer line that runs from the house to the city sewer at the street. . A sewer scan is done by a company that specializes in this service ..More

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Updated home inspector training advice

- My name is on that list, but nearly every home inspection that I do is also done with a new inspector from my company, so I do very little training for home inspectors outside of my company. This is a publicly available list, which can be viewed here. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) allows home inspectors who are willing to take other home inspectors along on inspections, for the purpose of training, to register as a Parallel Inspection Guide. To get real-life home inspection experience, one must attend home inspections with experienced home inspectors. . A: Home inspection schools often include some hands-on training, but that’s only the beginning of the amount of training needed for this profession. Some home inspectors charge a fee for this training, some don’t ..More

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