Top 20 Home Inspection Photos from 2015

- Someone didn’t know how to connect the corrugated duct for a bathroom exhaust fan to the roof cap, so they used a piece of flashing for a plumbing vent. ..More

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Nuisance tripping at AFCI circuit breakers

- If using this same device on a different AFCI breaker does not produce the same nuisance tripping, try having an electrician replace the AFCI breaker that was experiencing the nuisance tripping. What to do – If you have an electronic device that constantly trips an AFCI device, try using it on a different AFCI circuit.  If you don’t know what’s tripping your AFCI device, try unplugging everything, then using one thing at a time until the problem can be duplicated. If this same device trips a different AFCI circuit breaker, it’s the result of incompatibility between the electronic device and the AFCI breaker, or possibly a major problem with the device. ..More

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Q&A: What happens when a permit isn’t pulled for electrical work?

-  . For most of these cities, if no defects are identified during the inspection, nothing is required. If they did, the point-of-sale inspections would be considered more of a code compliance inspection. In Saint Paul, for example, it’s simply an informational inspection that is done for prospective home buyers. For most municipalities in the Twin Cities metro area, the required city point-of-sale inspections really don’t have much to do with permits, believe it or not. . The only thing Saint Paul makes people fix is the lack of a hardwired smoke alarm near the sleeping areas ..More

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New backflow preventer testing requirements for Minnesota

- The most common testable backflow device found at Minnesota homes is a pressure vacuum breaker, which is a device that is found on nearly every residential lawn irrigation system (aka sprinkler system), shown below. To make it simple, homeowners with testable backflow devices are supposed to have them tested by a certified tester annually. ..More

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Buying a home that has had work performed without a permit?

- In many cases, people’s biggest fear when buying is that they’ll have a hard time selling their home in the future. The lack of building permits gets some people very worked up. I’m pretty sure that’s called circular reasoning. Her reaction, right there, is without a doubt the biggest consequence for not pulling permits. . That’s an area where I have no expertise, so I’ll stay out of it, but I can talk about home performance and quality of workmanship ..More

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