Q&A: Can electrical boxes be buried in insulation?

- We know that the covers for electrical boxes need to be accessible, but what if the box is located in an attic? Is it acceptable to bury the box in insulation? I said I’d research this info and get back to him, but I thought this might make for a good, short blog post topic. . This question came up during a conversation that I was having with another home inspector during the last ASHI chapter meeting. Also, I happened across a great photo of a junction box buried by vermiculite insulation while looking through old photos for last week’s blog post on vermiculite insulation ..More

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Did your house leak during the storm yesterday?

- . Building-science-genius Joseph Lstiburek wrote a great article some years ago that got into discussing wind speeds, rain, and water leakage into building assemblies ..More

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Flood testing tiled showers

- . We have had to deal with too many contentious situations to justify this practice. UPDATE 8/23/17: We will no longer be flood testing tiled showers. Our new standard for testing tiled showers is to run cold water in the shower for a minimum of 30 minutes, and then scan the area below with an infrared camera ..More

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Do condos need home inspections?

- This typically can’t be identified without opening up the electrical panel. Condos built during the time that aluminum wiring was used (approximately 1965 – 1972), or re-wired during the same period may have aluminum wiring. Aluminum Wiring – this is a major issue. . It’s not common, but it’s a big deal when it happens. More on that topic here: aluminum wiring ..More

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Arrow-Breaker™ faucets are great, but there are two important things to know about them

- The most obvious identifying characteristic is the orange tag that comes attached to the faucet stem. There’s a relatively new outdoor faucet* made by Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing that seems to be taking over. . This is pretty much the only non-frost-free faucet that I ever see installed in new homes today, and it’s called the Arrow-Breaker faucet ..More

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