The term “grandfathered” should never come up during a home inspection

- . One term that home inspectors need never use is “grandfathered. ” It’s a term that refers to a building component or installation that was acceptable at the time it was done, but is no longer acceptable on new installations. At one time the allowable spacing was 9″, then it was reduced to 6″, and was reduced again to 4″, which is where it stands today. A very common, simple example of this is the allowable spacing on balusters at guards ..More

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Reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease in your home

- . If you want more hot water out of your water heater and you want to reduce the risk of Legionella bacteria growth, hire a plumber to install one of these mixing valves at your water heater and turn the temperature up on your water heater. I should also mention that point-of-use thermostatic mixing valves should ideally be installed at the faucets for the highest level of safety… but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a home fully outfitted with those ..More

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New Home Inspection Contingency form takes effect August 1st in Minnesota

- For more information about the new form, as well as some other changes that aren’t home inspection specific, check out the following document: 2016-forms-changes-coming-soon. Of course, now there will be several more questions that will come up, such as what to do about attic spaces that don’t even have access panels… but I’m not complaining. This new language is clearly a step in the right direction. ..More

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Should home inspectors recommend other professionals?

- . I also appreciate having these types of relationships with professionals because I like having people that I can call for advice when I need it. It’s the same type of relationship that I believe most home inspectors have with real estate agents. I’ve never subscribed to the cynical view that all home inspector / real estate agent relationships are crooked. It’s a reciprocal relationship; I send the contractor business, they give me advice and take good care of my clients. There might be a few of those out there, but that doesn’t make up the majority of these relationships ..More

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Q&A: When do smoke alarms need to be hardwired?

- There is similar language saying that smoke alarms don’t need to be interconnected if you need to tear walls and ceilings apart. It would still be wise to install wireless interconnected smoke alarms in this case. In this case, independant battery operated smoke alarms will suffice. I blogged about those in this post from. . Yes, they cost more money, but the whole idea is to prevent people from dying in a fire. When it comes to life safety devices, I think this should be an easy call to make; get interconnected smoke alarms ..More

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