Buying a home that has had work performed without a permit?

- It doesn’t ask about whether the work was inspected or approved. It simply asks if the owner was given permission to do work. . Obtaining a permit is simply the first step, and should not be considered critical information. Not only do most people not know what work does and does not require a permit, but the question that is asked on the seller’s property disclosure statement isn’t a great question ..More

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Arrow-Breaker™ faucets are great, but there are two important things to know about them

- The most obvious identifying characteristic is the orange tag that comes attached to the faucet stem. This is pretty much the only non-frost-free faucet that I ever see installed in new homes today, and it’s called the Arrow-Breaker faucet. . There’s a relatively new outdoor faucet* made by Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing that seems to be taking over ..More

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The term “grandfathered” should never come up during a home inspection

- A very common, simple example of this is the allowable spacing on balusters at guards. ” It’s a term that refers to a building component or installation that was acceptable at the time it was done, but is no longer acceptable on new installations. . At one time the allowable spacing was 9″, then it was reduced to 6″, and was reduced again to 4″, which is where it stands today. One term that home inspectors need never use is “grandfathered ..More

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Air conditioner maintenance for homeowners

- . Inspect all sides of your outdoor unit and clean the coils off annually, or as needed. Condensing coils also need to be cleaned regularly. When they operate, the fans suck air in on all of the open sides. This tends to pull in debris such as dirt, grass clippings, dryer lint, cottonwood seeds, and everything else in the air… except for love ..More

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Flood testing tiled showers

- . UPDATE 8/23/17: We will no longer be flood testing tiled showers. We have had to deal with too many contentious situations to justify this practice. Our new standard for testing tiled showers is to run cold water in the shower for a minimum of 30 minutes, and then scan the area below with an infrared camera ..More

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