Repairing a window with fogged glass

- .  I opted to have just the insulated glass units replaced, frankly because I don’t think there would be any big benefit from having a bunch of the windows entirely replaced, and the cost to replace just the insulated glass was far less. When window seals are covered under a manufacturers warranty, it typically just takes a phone call to the manufacturer with some serial numbers from the window, and they’ll make up replacement sashes. Unfortunately, my windows had no such warranty. Replacing a sash on a newer double-hung window is usually quite simple, and can be done without any tools. A less expensive option would be to have just the window sashes replaced ..More

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Reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease in your home

- . That would create a scald hazard. So crank up the water heater as high as it will go, right? No, of course not. org, legionella bacteria can grow at temperatures from 68° F to 122° F, but the ideal growth range is between 95° F and 115° F.  Legionella bacteria cannot multiply at temperatures above 122° F, and are killed within 32 minutes at 140° F. Water heater manufacturers put a warning on water heaters saying the water temperature should not exceed 125° F to help prevent “severe burns instantly or death from scalds”. When it comes to preventing legionella bacteria growth, hot water is better. Their words, not mine. According to LegionellaPrevention ..More

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New Home Inspection Contingency form takes effect August 1st in Minnesota

- This new language is clearly a step in the right direction. For more information about the new form, as well as some other changes that aren’t home inspection specific, check out the following document: 2016-forms-changes-coming-soon. . Of course, now there will be several more questions that will come up, such as what to do about attic spaces that don’t even have access panels… but I’m not complaining ..More

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New backflow preventer testing requirements for Minnesota

- I didn’t completely believe that such a costly and labor-intensive change would be coming, but the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has made it clear that this is really what’s required. These devices need to be tested annually by a certified tester. . At the time that I initially blogged about some of the upcoming plumbing code changes, I wasn’t sure exactly what this particular change was going to be all about, so I only touched on it briefly ..More

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The term “grandfathered” should never come up during a home inspection

- The code language says Required guards shall not have openings from the walking surface to the required guard height which allow passage of a sphere 4 inches (102 mm) in diameter. There are two exceptions to this, listed under R312. . The whole goal of reducing the opening from 9″ to 6″ was to prevent children from squeezing through openings and falling. The unintended consequence of this change was that children’s bodies could squeeze through a 5-1/2″ opening, but their heads couldn’t. Side note: the spacing requirement isn’t exactly 4″. 1. 3. If a child tried to slip through an opening body-first but their head didn’t make it, they could be strangulated ..More

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